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Crowborough and Uckfield Group

If you have an illness like M.E. that makes it difficult for you to participate in the usual social activities, a group of Sussex men and women invite you to join them. They have all experienced M.E. for a number of years and fully understand the frustrations of needing to take life at a more careful pace. They know how easy it is to lose your self-confidence when it is so tiring to keep going and so have set up up a social group which guarantees a warm and relaxed welcome for all. Partners or carers are also welcome.

Usually we meet at 11:00 on the first Tuesday of each month at Millbrook Garden Centre, and at 12:00 on the third Wednesday of each month at different places. For more details click below to send me an email.

We would like to welcome people with RA/OA, ME, MS, FM, or anyone else with a similar long-term health problem.

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